Satellites for the April Deepstack

Super Sunday
Win your seat to the next Deepstack Freezeout Sunday 12th April

The following  satellites will be held on Pokerplex24 and only take approx 2 hours to complete with a turbo structure.

  1. Thursday 9th April 8pm – £10 R&A, 1 seat GTD
  2. Friday 10th April 8pm – £10 R&A, 1 seat GTD
  3. Saturday 11th April 8pm – £10 R&A, 1 seat GTD

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Sign up for an account via any of our links or banners to play in these satellites, we will also get your account upgraded to VIP7 during your first month for 50% rakeback on all cash game rake & tournament reg fees and the upgrade will continue each month providing you rake $50 or more online in the previous month.deepstack poker